Milo Opens Cultural Appropriation Speech With Mexican Mariachi Band


Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos entered his latest tour date at UC San Diego heralded by a full Mexican mariachi band and wearing a green poncho before delivering a speech on “cultural appropriation.”

“Weren’t they wonderful?” Milo asked the crowd whilst donning a Mexican poncho over a grey suit. “Isn’t cultural appropriation great?”

“Cultural appropriation, in case you’re wondering why I’m dressed like this, aside from simply to tease social justice warriors, isn’t racist. It’s how art works. Here are a few things that would be impossible without cultural appropriation… Video games, opera, novels, painting, film, architecture… You get the idea right?”

Following the talk, Milo was pictured wearing a Native American headdress.

In contrast to other Milo events, which have been marked by angry, sometimes violent protests from campus leftwingers, UCSD proved to be relatively placid hosts, with only a few protesters reported milling around outside the venue.

Concerns over cultural appropriation, or the adoption and emulation of elements of one culture by another, have led to controversy on U.S. campuses in recent years. Students at Bowdoin complained about a “culturally appropriating” tequila party earlier this year, and one professor’s defence of allegedly offensive Halloween costumes notoriously led to Mao-like mobs and a double resignation at Yale.

Milo’s event at UC San Diego was his final U.S. college date on the Dangerous Faggot tour until fall, when Yiannopoulos will return to the East Coast.

The talk can be watched in full below.