WATCH: Aztec Headdresses And Speedos Outside Milo Event In ‘The Triggering’


Journalist and satirist Nimrod Kamer was at UCLA last week interviewing supporters and opponents of Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos, in a mini-documentary entitled “The Triggering.”

Kamer interviewed a number of vociferously anti-Milo left wingers on campus, including one dressed in red speedos and what appeared to be an Aztec headdress.

“This is like, our expression of our people. Like, I’m not wearing a speedo because I want to wear a f**ing speedo … It’s my heritage. Someone told me “Hey dude, you gotta wear a speedo,” I was like “Alright! Gotta wear a speedo.”

One of the protesters criticised Milo for his dangerous opinions. “If you’re going to come in and harm the safety of the people that we care about, your opinions should be marginalized” he told Kamer.

An African-American Milo fan, dressed in a T-shirt bearing the slogan “I pledge allegiance to the fag” told Kamer “If you want to be a whiny p*ssbaby and get offended by everything, that’s all on you.”

Watch the full clip above.