Milo on ‘None Taken’ Podcast: ‘Nothing Offends People Like the Truth’

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on the “None Taken” podcast this week alongside host Chris Paul to discuss the importance of free speech, the detachment modern culture has with the truth, and the phenomenon of transgender children.

“Most of the things that get people most upset are just me talking about studies and data and facts and surveys,” he explained. “I mean nothing offends people like the truth, and it’s been so long in the entertainment industry that people have traded in platitudes and well meaning but ultimately untrue things that they’ve forgotten that there is a world out there called the real world, the factual world, the world of data, analysis and science, evolutionary biology, that doesn’t quite always cohere with what you’re expected to believe and what the LA Times will print.”

“I mean I don’t have an appropriateness filter, which won’t come as a shock to you, but I genuinely don’t think anything I say is that outrageous,” Yiannopoulos claimed.

“People don’t care anymore, I think the public is very quickly losing patience with this stuff, and even liberals who think of themsleves as refelxively left wing and would never consider voting for Republicans, agree with me,” he said. “And they appreciate the importance of culture in this election over economics nad foreign policy and they see the danger, the threat posed by political correctness not just to art but love, sex, death, money, you name it, the left insists we lie to ourselves about all of these things, and that’s nonsense, nobody wants that.”

“The media’s getting more hysterical all the time about this racism, sexism stuff and it’s a sign of a movement in crisis, it’s a sign of an ideology losing its way, losing its footing and basically going off the deep end,” he explained. “Why are they doing that? Because they’ve realised that no one agrees with them they’ve spent thirty years hectoring and bullying people and controlling their speech, thinking that it would somehow warp reality, if you can’t say certain words. It’s so dumb, it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“There’s a Cornell study from 2015 that shows that if you’re entering a STEM field you have a two to one advantage over a male colleague solely for having a pair of breast,” Yiannopoulos noted. “The old things about male advantage in hiring have been completely changed, and changed relatively quickly. It’s happened over the last ten years, not the last fifty, possibly the last five years but it’s simply not true anymore.”

“The change opens up at thirty because women have children,” he explained. “In my view we should be supporting those women and cherishing their contribution to the species by making allowances in taxes and all the rest…. I’m not a libertarian, I think the government should reward people for staying in nuclear family units because it’s the best thing for the kids, best thing for the economy, the best thing for society, the best thing for the species, I think the tax system should encourage and reward that.”

“She is funded by the Saudis, she’s funded by people who throw gays of roofs, that’s who funds the Clinton foundation, just follow the money, if you don’t believe me on the interpretation of her words, look who funds the fuckers”

“Trump is not supported by Saudi Arabia, by Qatar by – she is and if she’s happy, as Gays for Hillary these braindead moron idiot twink c*nts in West Hollywood which proves that gays can be as dumb as everyone else, well let’s see how you would survive after a day in any of the countries that support Hillary Clinton. These are the worst people in the world, hypocrisy of the highest order, hypocrisy of the most disgusting kind because its grubby and that’s what the Clinton are defined by, grubbiness. They are defined by grubbiness of the worst most trivial, most pathetic kind, scrabbling around for 50K here and 250K there hoping it would add up, it’s disgusting, it’s deplorable and it’s so low rent.”

“Controversy and scandal follow the Clintons everywhere they go and every single time there’s an explanation. Or somebody goes mysteriously missing. Every single time, oh there’s an explanation for this, sooner or later peoples ‘mm there’s no smoke without fire’ instinct will kick in and they’ll realise these people are just crooked and they are just crooked. Crooked Hillary is an amazing moniker for her because you can’t have families that are dogged by financial, sexual scandals, controversies and allegations of any kind. Just now with the emails, every year there’s a new Clinton controversy. You cannot tell me….they’re not wrongly accused of these things, they’re just about dodging this stuff, there’s no smoke without fire.”

“Look at who’s been funding these people. Bill Clinton charging 250K for a speech and it coming from the Saudi government going into the Clinton foundation, just look at who finances them. Read Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash and look at the decisions Hillary made in office…look at the pattern of donations made, the dates of those donations made by people and governments and companies that were affected by the decisions she was making, dozens of them, and tell me there’s no connection…you cannot read Clinton Cash and not come away with the clear conclusion that these people are crooked.”