Milo Fires Up Trump Supporters in Cleveland: Donald Trump Will End Cancer Of Political Correctness


CLEVELAND, Ohio — Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos celebrated Donald Trump’s capture of the Republican nomination for president by rallying with his supporters outside the Republican National Convention.

“It seems to me that Donald Trump … is best placed to end the cancer of political correctness in this country,” he said a Citizens for Trump rally in Cleveland, Ohio on blazing hot Monday afternoon.

He celebrated Trump’s victory over political correctness in the media and among elite Republican circles.

“Isn’t it remarkable that in just 20 years, punk, the spirit of dissidence in the country has gone from being a far left activist to wearing a MAGA hat,” he marveled as Trump supporters cheered.

Conservatives, he explained, were the new guardians of dissidence and free speech, protesting the overbearing nitpicking of the political left.

“You want to be an insurgent these days – you’ve gotta be a conservative,” he said as police officers blocked liberal protestors who protested the event.

Wearing a bulletproof vest, Milo took the stage in Cleveland’s Settlers Park and condemned Islam for its intolerance toward gays and women, criticizing liberals for refusing to acknowledge it.

“It seems to me obscene that the political left — and Hillary is a part of this problem —is happy to pander to and mollycoddle people that want me dead, people whose beliefs and value systems are completely incompatible of the American way of life,” he said. “And I’m tired of being polite about it … The problem is Islam.”

He pointed out that liberals spent more time condemning Christians and accusing them of intolerance.

“My experience of Christianity has been compassion, love, understanding and kindness,” he said as the audience cheered. “My experience of Islam has been bloody and terrifying.”

Yiannopoulos praised Trump for being one of the only candidates for president who demonstrated a committment to combating the threat.

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