Milo On Business Insider: ‘Trolls Are The Only People Telling The Truth’


Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulous appeared on a Facebook Live discussion with James Liam Cook, the technology editor of Business Insider.

The 43-minute discussion covered a range of topics including Milo’s recent ban from Twitter, the virtue of trolling, and the potential of a Trump presidency.

Milo’s discussion with Cook, a former employee and later colleague, has so far attracted over 90,000 views in under 10 hours. It also obtained a celebrity viewer — boxing superstar and current Philippines Senator Manny Pacquaio, who said a brief “hello” in the comments section of the livestreamed debate.

In the discussion, which can be watched in full below, Milo laid into the media, politicians, and academia for propping up mainstream myths like the “gender pay gap” and “campus rape culture.” In an environment saturated by mainstream lies, Milo praised trolls as “the only people telling the truth.”

Milo also expressed high hopes for a Trump presidency. While he acknowledged that the power of a President is limited, the Breitbart editor added that what “excited him most” about a Trump presidency was the fact that he represents “an existential threat to political correctness.”