Army Sergeant First Class Gifts Milo ID Tags

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Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at the University of Houston, Texas yesterday, giving a speech entitled “How to Destroy The Alt Right”. During the Q&A session following Milo’s speech, an Army Sergeant First Class spoke to Milo, saying that he had given a voice to the voiceless within the military.

The Sergeant stepped up to the microphone saying, “I’m stationed at Fort Sam Houston down in San Antonio and as heartening as it is to see the movement push back against the political correctness culture on campuses the military is continually pervasive in silencing us and essentially making us shut up so sir from the bottom of my heart, I just wanted to say you give a voice to us who have to be silent, who have to deal with having the political correctness shit pushed down our throats and you give us a voice so I am genuinely indebted and thankful for what you do sir.”


“Thank you and thank you for your service,” Milo replied. “I hope you don’t find this too forward because I’m not a citizen here but I kind of feel like America looks after all of us and so when I hear servicemen and women who say things like that it touches even my cold, black, dead heart.”

“I’ve noticed this in the military and it’s weird, Eric Prince is the founder of Blackwater and a very good guy and he says that one of the reasons this  is happening is that there are too many layers of management in the military so they’ve become like every other government bureaucracy and these people have go to find something to do. And the upper management who are always on the lookout for political favours and promotions don’t have to appeal to active service types, they have to appeal to politicians. So the changing fashions of identity politics have a huge impact on the military in ways that you would never expect, because the people who run this stuff, the people at the top are sucking up to politicians all the time.”


Milo then thanked the Army Sergeant for his service who replied, “My wife wouldn’t let me bring you my purple heart unless Trump received one so can I please have the honour of gifting you my ID tags, sir.”

“Of course,” said Milo who then took the tags, shaking the soldier’s hand. Watch the full exchange below,