Milo: Media Will Paint Clinton As The Victim After Debate

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Before the first presidential debate this evening, Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos launched a scathing attack on the media and warned an audience at the University of South Florida that the media will try to “paint her as a victim.”


In a speech designed to be a warm up for the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Milo warned that Hillary “will pretend to be the victim tonight and the victim will paint her as a victim. They will indulge what George Bush described as the ‘bigotry of low expectations,'” he said.

He contended that Trump will “continue to be three steps ahead of the media until the election,” and that it “warms my cold, dead, black heart to watch the media lose their sh*t, time and time and time again.”


He also described his amusement at how the media fell for Donald Trump’s campaign stunt, when Trump announced he would be giving a ‘birther’ press conference, when in reality the conference entailed a team of veterans explaining why they want Trump to be president.

“They [the media] don’t learn, and Trump is wonderful this is why he’s going to do so well,” he continued.


However he added although “we used to be afraid of the media in particular, new powers are rising in America, irrespective of what happens next election.”

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