MILO At USF: The Momentum Is With Trump

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Tonight at the University of South Florida, MILO tackled a handful of topics, including the contrasting energies of both Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The self confidence Trump possesses is staggering, and it doesn’t hurt that he is a madman. And, like, really hot.”

MILO had a lot to say about the high energy and charisma surrounding Trump and how it contrasts against the low-energy demeanour of Clinton.

She’ll be shrill, he’ll be collected. She’ll be short, he’ll be tall. An 8 inch difference if she doesn’t wear heels! And let me tell you, eight inches makes all the difference.”


He also noted Trump’s recent turn towards a more professional approach:

“Trump, by contrast, has become presidential. He’s as cool as a cucumber. He’s increasingly composed and is conducting himself as a president should, while Hillary just can’t shake off that grouchy post-menopausal vibe.”


And on his strong sense of patriotism that fuels the high energy we see:

“What’s clear is that Trump loves America, and he has some ideas about how to fix it that just might work. Can anyone say the same about the current president, or the woman he wants to succeed him?”


But even more important than Trump’s endless amounts of power and prose is the opposite end of the spectrum where Hillary Clinton resides. MILO touches on the truth of Clinton’s weaknesses and the ideals behind them.

The media will portray Hillary as they portray all women in America — as a victimized, delicate flower bravely standing up to sexist patriarchal bullying. Don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump is totally patriarchal, and it’s totally hot, but the media’s efforts to portray Hillary as a victim won’t fly.

“She was the Secretary Of State. She’s lived for more than two decades at the pinnacle of power in the most powerful country on earth. But because Trump is macho and loud, because he’s a straight white male, he’ll be portrayed as the big bully victimizing the poor helpless woman, who miraculously manages to triumph despite the patriarchal oppression.”


MILO also mentioned another main point, that being the sincerity of Trump’s word versus Clinton:

“For many Americans, Donald Trump has a revolutionary approach to politics. He says what he thinks! And he proposes action to follow through on his convictions.”

And another crucial point: her low energy crowds at rallies.

“That’s right, even I, a fag from Britain just stopping by the States to remind y’all not to be crazy this November — I attract crowds five times the size of Hillary’s.”


The talk shifted over with a few more comments, mostly about Hillary’s irrational acceptance of Islam and warning Americans not to take the same route as Europe.

In other words, the momentum is with Daddy. This, despite Hillary and the media name-calling endlessly.

Hillary can’t fight Trump on policies and positions, so she has resorted to calling him and everyone who supports him a racist, sexist, transphobic, ponyphobic… well, I am not going to try to go for a complete list because we don’t have all night. But you get the idea. We are all in a massive basket of deplorables. Aren’t we proud to be Hillary’s deplorables, folks?”

MILO concluded with a strong reassurance for everyone in the room and watching at home:

“I have a feeling Trump is going to win this election. Which is just as well, because if he doesn’t there might not be much of an America left in two term’s time.”

You can watch MILO’s full appearance at USF below: