WATCH: Low-Energy Activists Protest Milo With Crappiest Chant Ever

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A small group of protesters at the University of South Florida led possibly the most unconvincing chant of the Dangerous Faggot Tour as they exclaimed “Milo, GTFO!” before he gave a talk on why Donald Trump deserves to win.

The protest, which involved around a dozen protestors holding up signs that read “Stop Hate Speech, Milo Off Campus,” as well as signs calling presidential nominee Donald Trump and Florida senator Marco Rubio “bigots.”

The chant appeared to be led by a trans woman, who addressed the small crowd by saying, “I’m going to ask you, what do we want, and your going to say, Milo GTFO.”

This “what do we want, Milo GTFO,” was repeated three times before its conclusion of “when do we want it?”

“Now!” exclaimed the protestors.

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