Milo: Why Islamic Preachers Prey On Gingers

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Orlando, Florida

As part of his UCF talk on the “10 Things I Hate About Islam” MILO explained why a disproportionate amount of gingers turn to Islam.

“Islam preys on the must vulnerable people in society, so it is no wonder that so many gingers convert to Islam in such height rates,” he said.

MILO, who once published a column on the same subject titled “Ginger Jihadis” then invited two ginger students up to the lectern and explained why genetics made him five times more likely to be a Muslim convert and more likely to be ugly.

“I am a connoisseur at ginger prejudice,” he continued, before adding that there is “good news and bad news.”

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“The bad news is you are less attractive on average. Most people aren’t into. But the good news is people who are into gingers are remarkably insensitive to anything else about that person, so it operates a lot like a sexual fetish.”

He went on to explain why some people have ginger hair as a result of “recessive breeding” between generations who have tended to stay in the same place, and why statistics have shown that people have become “hard-wired” to avoid gingers when they possibly can.

“For all these reasons, there is a colossal statistical difference in the number of red headed Brits who convert to radical Islam.”

Milo added that this was “because radical preachers single them out as outsiders, as people who are likely to be marginalized, and as vulnerable.”

“People are nastier to gingers in England more than anywhere in the world, and Islamic hate preachers know to seek out ginger teenagers who are looking for purpose in life.”

This is a topic that Milo has written about before, in a piece entitled ‘Ginger Jihadis: Why Redheads Are Attracted to Radical Islam,’ where he and the pieces co-author Jeremy Wilson discovered that 76 per cent of white British converts to radical Islam had red hair.

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