Auburn University Professor Praises MILO During Q&A

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Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos gave a speech tonight at Auburn University titled, “How Feminism Hurts Women.” During the Q&A following the event Milo invited a supportive university faculty member on stage to discuss leftist campus culture.

“Hi Milo, I’m faculty” said the professor to the Dangerous Faggot, “I’m electrical engineering and everybody is behind you I promise you in my department.”

“Well hi!” said Milo, “I feel sorry for you guys! I do! Because you guys are the ones that are having yknow, free intellectual critique threatened”

“It’s the other side Milo, we’re hard engineering and science, we are not subject to that, now stay on topic” replied the professor to laughter from the audience as he was dragged on stage by Milo himself to address the room

“Before I say any of this, I do not represent Auburn University administration and I wanna make sure you don’t take anything out of context so I get fired, having said this, this guy is incredible” the professor gestures to Milo, “My wife told me about him, I thought ‘what do you mean a gay guy supporting Trump, you’re outta your mind’, I watched this guy on YouTube and he’s so much better in public and in person, when you’re here watching him, I mean really you could be a standup comic you are outstanding!”

“I often wondered about that hair,” said the professor to which Milo replied “oh no, it is mine, your hair though also seems to defy gravity! You said you were the engineering department, you’ve done something, there’s some sort of architecture holding it up!”

The faculty member also asked MILO about his Twitter ban: “is there some Twitter petition we can get together? Because everyone wants you on Twitter! Everyone wants you on Twitter!” to which Milo replies “I don’t want it! I don’t want it back!”

The final question the electrical engineering professor asks Milo is, “How do we bring England back? I’ll turn it over to you.”

“Well thank you very much, thank you for that” said Milo leading a round of applause, “We have an opportunity with England with the UK leaving Europe to do something interesting that is inspired by you guys! I mean we sort of invented you and then we forgot all the lessons we learned that we put into making America. That it was really important to stick to freedom, freedom of speech, free expression, property rights, capitalism, all of these things created the best society. It’s the best system.”

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Watch MILO’s full speech at Auburn below.