MILO: Feminist Control Of The Web Would Be Worse Than Giving It To China

Tuscaloosa, AL

Addressing an audience at the University of Alabama, MILO said that handing control of the internet over to feminists would be even worse than handing it over to authoritarian Chinese communists.

Discussing President Obama’s plans to pass the internet over to the United Nations International Telecommunications Union, MILO showed the audience the influence in the United Nations of feminist campaigners such as Anita Sarkeesian by playing a speech in which Sarkeesian demands that the internet be censored to protect her feelings.

The UN loves taking up kooky feminist causes. If you thought Mugabe addressing the United Nations was bad, I have a video to show you,” he said.

He then referenced a 2015 UN report called “Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A Global Wake-up Call” which claimed that “a cyber-touch is recognised as equally as harmful as a physical touch,” as reason why a Chinese controlled media would be better than a feminist one. 

“Cyber-violence, like ‘online harassment’ and other terms cooked up by loopy activists, is defined as anything that hurts a feminist’s feelings. Imagine the UN censoring everything that makes women unhappy,” he continued.

I mean, Chinese censorship is almost better! In their case at least you only have to worry about the Politburo’s feelings, which are relatively stable. They don’t go completely mental once a month.”

Written from prepared remarks. \

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