MILO Holds Moment Of Silence For Alabamans Killed By Illegal Aliens


Breitbart Senior Editor MILO spoke tonight at the University of Alabama about president Obama, his recent handover of ICANN to foreign powers and the lives lost to Islamic extremism and illegal aliens.

“As some of you may be aware,” said Yiannopoulos to the crowded room, “I was in New York City on Saturday to participate in a landmark art show, the first art show EVER specifically in favor of a republican candidate for president.  We did a good job for Daddy, and I am incredibly pleased to have participated with my own avant garde performance art.”

“In New York I was in a bathtub of pig’s blood to protest the deaths of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens, Islamic terrorists, and lax policing. It would be easy to dismiss my performance art as attention seeking. As if anyone could ever seriously accuse me of attention seeking! But it was a sincere work that points out the victims of leftist policies.”

“If you think illegal immigration is a problem only for the battlefields of Chicago and other big cities, or in the accounting offices trying to determine how to pay for the welfare benefits we stupidly give to illegals, you are wrong.  This problem exists right here in Alabama too. “

MILO then called for a moment of silence to commemorate two young Alabama teenagers killed by an illegal alien,

“In a last act of my performance art, I would like to hold a moment of silence for 19 year old Tad Mattle and 16 year old Leigh Anna Jimmerson from Huntsville, Alabama, who were killed in 2009 by a drunk driving illegal alien who had previously been arrested and was still allowed to remain in the country.”

MILO wears wool suit by Gieves & Hawkes, $2,995. Shirt by Brooks Brothers, $90. Blue silk tie by Turnbull & Asser, $250. Havana rounded sunglasses by Versace, $230. Hertford loafers by Church’s, $520.

Watch the full event below: