Left-Wing Art Critic Admits: MILO Is What Makes America Great


New York arts blog Hyperallergic have released a critique of Lucian Wintrich’s pro-Trump art show, #DaddyWillSaveUs, that took place last Saturday and included a piece of performance art by Breitbart’s MILO.

The blog likened the event to Nazis “House of German Art”, which featured portraits of Adolf Hitler in 1937. Nevertheless, the piece concludes by calling MILO’s performance an example of “what makes America great.”

Continuing with the Nazi analogy, the left-wing art critic wrote:

The historical precedent of #DaddyWillSaveUs is the House of German Art Haus Der Deutschen Kunst — the inaugural exhibition in a Munich building of the same name put on by the National Socialists in 1937. The show featured turgid, realist portraits of Hitler; wobbly brown landscapes of fields and churches; Norman Rockwell–esque Aryan domestic scenes; and monumental homoerotic Soviet statuary — all considered by the Nazi Party to be appropriate works of art for the German Volk. The House of German Art yielded no work of any real interest beyond the show’s entry in the historical record; lest we forget, Hitler was twice rejected from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

[Milo] Yiannopoulos and Wintrich are cis white gay men who use their homosexuality as a fulcrum, leveraging hateful politics against the one trait they share with the marginalized. Both have money (or the appearance of it) and power (or the appearance of it) — what truth do they have to speak, and to whom?

Nevertheless, the critic concluded by declaring MILO’s performance an example of American greatness.

But watching a foreign-born white man sit in a tub of pig’s blood inside a gallery in Manhattan and speak against liberal pluralism is, incidentally, what makes America great already.

Read the rest of the story at HyperAllergic.

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