PICTURES: MILO Models Breitbart Swag


To mark the launch of Breitbart’s merchandise store, resident gay thot MILO has released a new set of photographs of himself wearing our products.

This collection features a range of items from the new Breitbart store, as well as a number of items from MILO’s own extensive wardrobe. The series was shot at the Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida.

They come as MILO’s “Dangerous Faggot” tour continues its third and final leg across the United States, in a brand-new tour bus emblazoned with MILO’s face and the words DANGEROUS FAGGOT.

Commenting on the launch of Breitbart’s store, MILO said: “With election season approaching, there’s no more stylish way to trigger the left than with a Breitbart T-shirt or hoodie. There’s no guarantee that you’ll look as hot in them as I do, of course, but it’s worth a try.”

 1 2

MILO wears ICONIC shirt by Breitbart, $19.95 ($21.95 2XL. $23.95 3XL) Gold chains: model’s own.

3 4

MILO wears BREITBART MOVING COMPANY T shirt by Breitbart, $22.95 ($24.95 2XL, $26.95 3XL)


MILO wears UNDER ATTACK ALL THE TIME T Shirt by Breitbart, $19.95 ($21.95 2XL, $23.95 3XL). Studded leopard print cap by Robin’s Jeans, $129.Gold chains: model’s own.

7 8

MILO wears B STRONG Hoodie by Breitbart, $55.45 ($57.45 2XL). Eyewear: Aviator Flash Lens Gradient by Ray-Ban, $175. Gold chains: model’s own.

9 10 11

MILO wears GET IN LINE T Shirt by Breitbart, $19.95 ($21.95 2XL. $23.95 3XL). Gold chains: model’s own.

12 13 14

Custom embroidered bath robe by Trump National Doral Miami. Eyewear: Aviator Flash Lens Gradient by Ray-Ban, $175.


MILO drinks TRUMP 2008 Sparkling Reserve, $50. Cigarettes: Newport. Shot on location at Trump National Doral Miami, Florida. Photography by Mike Ma. Styling by Hayden Newton.