MILO: Feminism And Islam Both ‘Set On Destroying The American Way Of Life’

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During his speech on “Feminism & Islam, The Unholy Alliance” at Western Carolina University tonight, MILO procliamed that feminism and Islam were both “dead set on destroying the American way of life.”

“I’ve recently given two speeches about philosophies dead set on destroying the American way of life” opened Milo. “The first was about the 10 things I hate about Islam, but it ended up being the 13 things I hate about Islam, 10 simply couldn’t cover it.”

The second was how Feminism negatively affects everyone, but especially girls” he continued. “After delivering those two speeches, I couldn’t get them out of my mind.  Let’s be honest, all of my speeches are great and I love not only reliving my own work, but they stand out as two of the important enemies that America is facing today.”

Moving on with his speech, Milo declared that “many of the things we find disgusting about feminism and Islam are actually interchangeable.”  

“Tonight I’d like to revisit a few of my most hated things about both Islam and Feminism” he concluded. “But as I speak, I want you to think about just how similar these ideologies actually are”.

Written from prepared remarks.

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