MILO Celebrates Patriarchal Birthday: ‘I Am The First Apostle In The Church Of Harambe’

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Breitbart Senior Editor MILO spoke today at Clemson University, where he celebrated World Patriarchy Day — also known as MILO’s birthday. During his talk, MILO defied the university’s ban on Harambe memes. 

Milo opened his speech saying, “I am the aforementioned Dangerous Faggot, and first apostle in the Church of Harambe, Peace Be Upon Him.”

“When I learned that Clemson declared Harambe to be, for lack of a better word, haram, I knew it would be one of the important stops on the tour.” said Milo referencing the recent Harambe ban imposed by Clemson University.


“Let’s get this out of the way at the top– Harambe is not a racist concept.  It never was, and never will be.  Harambe is being slandered just like poor Peeper Frog. What do leftists have against animals?” said Milo, purposefully changing the name of Pepe the frog, the new hip meme. Milo is “down with the kids” you might say.

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“Clemson also bizarrely associates Harambe with rape. I want to know how they found out about my sexual fantasies! I have come here to right these wrongs against Harambe, and fight other injustices along the way.”

Milo spoke of the strength of Harambe, his gentleness, his intelligence and what we could learn from this modern day saint.

Written from prepared remarks. 

Watch the full event below,