Students Organise “Dancing For Unity’ To Protest Milo Event

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Students at the University of Delaware organised a “Dancing For Unity” event to protest Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance on campus.

MILO appeared at the University of Delaware where he gave a speech entitled “Trannies Are Gay.” Many students and faculty members were upset by MILO’s talk and campus police even removed posters for MILO’s event from around the university. Some students however decided to protest MILO differently — through swing dancing.

UD Review, the campus newspaper reports that the campus Swing Club organised an event called “Dancing For Unity” on the same night as MILO’s talk, “I’m at this event so I would not protest Milo Yiannopoulos,” university student Keenan Faison says. “I’m taking the high road this way, because he can say and do all the hateful things but he will know that we will respond by joining together for a safe and inclusive community.”

The president of the Swing Club, Julianne Ferrill further described the event as a safe space, “This is a safe place for people to feel included and at home,” Ferrill says. “Here, they are able to be themselves instead of honing frustration and being angry about what’s taking place tonight.”

Ferril continued, “This event is affecting everybody who attends the university and all the people who are here tonight, we have created this community to provide a safe space and an area for everybody to potentially meet somebody who thinks similarly to them.”

Watch Milo’s full event at the University of Delaware below.