Leftist German News Outlet: Milo Is Donald Trump’s Finest Hatemonger


Stern, a left leaning weekly German magazine, published an article titled “Donald Trump’s Finest Hatemonger” about Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

The article describes Breitbart as an “extreme right ‘shoutsite’” and claims that Breitbart is “notorious for conspiracy theories and slander.” Describing Milo, the article claims:

For a year the Brit has been writing regularly for the extreme-right ‘shoutsite’ “Breitbart.com”, whose former chief now works for and advises Donald Trump. “Breitbart” is notorious for twisted conspiracy theories and slander. His new publicist home, so said Yiannopoulos once, would be the “Central for free speech”, where people would talk about what people really were interested in: “Freedom, love, sex, death, money and porn.” Laurie Penny, author and feminist is the opposite of M.Y. doesn’t believe in his talk of the threatened free speech.

The article further seems to imply that Milo makes his money using hate and fear:

Yiannopoulos himself says: “We live in a post-fact era and that is wonderful.” Post-fact is one of those new words, that explain phenomenons like Trump and AfD (Alternative für Deutschland): It doesn’t matter around the truth as such, only about how its being perceived by other people. In other words: How many refugees/muslims/criminals/drug-addicts/immigrants really live in the neighbourhood doesn’t interest anyone. Only that people are scared of them. These feelings are exploited by right demagogues  like Yiannopoulos for their purposes. Their paycheck is made in attention and whoever is the loudest is the richest. 

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