MILO: ‘Men Built Society’


Breitbart Senior Editor, Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at Dartmouth University tonight giving a speech titled “In Defence Of Hazing.” Milo spoke about the feats that men throughout history have achieved, political correctness in America and the need for masculine safe spaces like fraternities. 

“There has never been a society that wasn’t constructed on the backs of men. It is a simple biological fact, and apparent to anyone who bothers to look around, that finding a woman digging dirt on a construct site or fixing a pothole in the street is about as common as finding an attractive feminist. It’s very simple, fatties; men built the roofs over your head, the floors under your feet, and the gyms you should be signing up for.” said MILO to a crowded room

“Camille Paglia, a dissident lesbian feminist, discussed this phenomenon in her breakout book Sexual Personae, and summed it up with one irrefutable quote: Men Built Society”

“Now why is this? Men are by nature competitive, aggressive, and can be maniacally driven. This is a hormonal and behavioral fact, reflected throughout the history of humanity. It explains why men commit nearly all of the violent crime, but it also explains why men have invented and built nearly everything you own. And also got to the fucking moon.”

“In fact, if you read the definitive history of the Apollo program, by the great Charles Murray, you’ll find that the young men who made moon shots possible lived in settings very similar to Dartmouth’s own Animal Houses, supervised by older men so tough-talking they’d make Indiana’s notorious coach Bobby Knight blush.”

“So women should want men to be MEN, in order to drive society forward. Men invented the washing machine and the pill. Men invented the dishwasher and the car. Men invented all the labor-saving appliances that have liberated the time and energy of women. If this is a patriarchy at work, it a remarkably generous and self-destructive one.”

Watch the full event below.

Written from prepared remarks.