MILO Slams Rolling Stone’s Anti-Frat Record


Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at Dartmouth University tonight giving a speech titled “In Defence Of Hazing,” in which he slammed Rolling Stone’s record of dishonest anti-frat stories. 

Speaking about Rolling Stone’s condemnation of fraternity hazing, MILO said “In 2012 Andrew, a former member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Dartmouth, went to Rolling Stone with a horror hazing story that was the subject of a piece titled Confessions Of An Ivy League Frat Boy: Inside Dartmouth’s Hazing Abuses.”

“And considering Rolling Stone’s stellar record when it comes to shock pieces about frat culture on college campuses, we can be sure to trust every word of it.” said MILO referencing the disproven UVA rape scandal

“In the piece, Andrew details many of the disgusting hazing rituals he witnessed and experienced during his time at Dartmouth, including pledges Being beaten by brothers, being forced to crawl through the legs of naked brothers, and being forced to fuck a frozen turkey.

Which reminds me, I’m applying to Dartmouth after this tour.”

“The most egregious tale of hazing he revealed involved being forced to swim in a pool full of what he described as piss, shit, vomit, and ejaculate. Or as I call it, Tuesday! But it turns out that he was black out drunk when he swam in it, and everyone else who swam in it that night vehemently asserts that the pool actually consisted of food products like water, bread, vinegar, soy sauce and salsa. Gross, yes. But not inhumane.”

“And it also turns out that Andrew himself had already been suspended for a year after getting busted for using cocaine and then assaulting the witness, and had more recently dropped out after being arrested for drunkenly throwing a chair at a campus security guard at 6 in the morning.”

“This is the credible source the Rolling Stone used as their poster boy. His former friends describe him as someone who is incapable of taking responsibility for his own actions, and consistently playing the victim. It should come as no surprise then that during his brief stint at Dartmouth he wrote for the liberal Dartmouth Free Press.”

“Now there were some rituals he described that were certainly disgusting and were not challenged by any of the brothers in SAE. But no one forced him to stay in the frat if he thought the hazing was over the line. No one forced him to join the frat in the first place. And hell, no one forced him to attend such a Greek-oriented college to begin with!”

“And yet still, after Andrew’s narcing, *ahem* I mean, “revealing,” Dartmouth’s administrators set up an additional task force dedicated to cracking down on hazing.”

“The truth is that by and large, on the whole, none of these hazing rituals are really all that bad. The worst you’ll get is someone asking you to sit in the cold for a bit or drink something disgusting.”

Watch the full event below. 

Written from prepared remarks.