Et Tu Paul Ryan? ‘Trump Is Like Julius Caesar, Stabbed In The Back By The Elites’ Says MILO


Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at Dartmouth University tonight giving a speech titled “In Defence Of Hazing.” Milo spoke about the feats that men throughout history have achieved, political correctness in America and Rolling Stones anti fraternity lies.

MILO compared Trump to Julius Caesar, another figure that rose to power only to be stabbed in the back by the elites, “As the distinguished historian Paul Rahe has written, the ancient Greek polis used the harsh natural rituals of adolescent males to make boys into men and bind them into a force strong enough to maintain their city’s freedom. The Greek polis, he said, “rested on its citizen militia and fell only when that militia was overwhelmed.”

“The modem distinction between soldier and civilian did not pertain in the classical republics, and when that distinction emerged and the professional soldier became a figure of genuine importance–initially in Greece in the age of Philip of Macedon (359-36 B.c.) and Alexander the Great (336-23 B.C.), and again later at Rome in the time of Marius, Sulla, Pompey, and Caesar–freedom’s existence became quite tenuous.”

“Got freedom? Thank a man, or rather, thank all the men willing to die so the rest of us can go fetal in our safe spaces if somebody hurts our feelings.”

“One of the reasons the feminist left hates Trump so much is that in so many ways he represents that classical Greek ideal. He’s a lot like Julius Caesar, stabbed in the back by people who should have been supporting him. Et tu, Paul Ryan?”

“He’s a patrician, loathed by the elites, who earned love and honor from the people. Someone whom history will judge more kindly than his contemporaries. Look, don’t be idiots. Don’t haze your freshmen into the hospital. And do try not to break the law.”

“But don’t let these miserable self-righteous pussies ruin your college experience either. In modern society, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for men to be men.”

Watch the full event below.

Written from prepared remarks.