VIDEO: MILO Panel Discusses how the New Generation Takes on the Left

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A panel discussion featuring Breitbart Senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart correspondents Allum Bokhari and Tom Ciccotta, and college student Ariana Rowlands that took place Saturday at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, Florida, highlighted some of the ways in which young Americans are fighting back against the left on college campuses.

Conservative students are largely fighting back against authoritarian college administrators and faculty by becoming more mischievous and inviting interesting speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on their campuses.

Milo spoke briefly about the effect of progressive millenials on American culture. “There’s a reason that comedians have been left-wing. Conservatives have been the establishment up until recently, up until about 20 years ago…Comedy at it’s best is poking fun at whoever you aren’t supposed to laugh at, which these days is feminists, vegans, cyclists, Black Lives Matter. I have a feeling we are going to get a new generation of conservative comedians popping up soon.”


Breitbart correspondent Tom Ciccotta argued that university faculty are complicit advancing the progressive goals of turning the university environment into a safe space with trigger warnings, coloring books, and emotional support puppies.

All of the panelists addressed their concerns about social justice warrior students, who terrorize campuses by bullying administrators into catering to their demands. “It seems like students now come to university to educate rather than be educated.” Ciccotta said. “They come in with this attitude that they are going to teach everybody that doesn’t agree with them the way that the world works.”


Breitbart correspondent Tom Ciccotta, who covers issues of social justice and campus politics, argued that conservative students aren’t victims on college campuses. “I think it’s important for people like Ariana and I to remember that we are not necessarily victims. I think it’s good – I’ve been exposed to ideas that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have been exposed to – I always think if you’re going to go after the left, or anyone you disagree with, it’s best to understand their position better than they understand it themselves. So for me, it’s been incredible to read Marx, to read these things, and to engage with them. But the other thing I always say, is that instead of being victims, this is a customer feedback thing. Our educations are expensive, whether it is the students or their families that are sacrificing. It’s time for us to say, and tell the donors, we aren’t getting that complete education. Students here want to be coddled and administrators are bowing down to the most radical of those on the left. It’s time that this ends because it’s hurting students.”

Breitbart correspondent Allum Bokhari spoke about the struggles faced by the University of Missouri after they bowed down to the demands of the social justice left. “We are starting to see this with the University of Missouri. When alumni get a sense of the madness that is going on on campuses, they pull their funding. Missouri is in terrible financial trouble because of the protests they had.”