MILO: ‘Leftists Are Faking Hate Crimes In An Effort to Paint Trump Supporters Negatively’


Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos, spoke at West Virginia University today discussing the President-elect Donald Trump, the death of Fidel Castro and campus free speech censorship via security fee price increases.

“I mean, I’m a flamboyant, ridiculous faggot,” said MILO stating the obvious, “but It’s still easier to take me seriously than some of my detractors. Every voice on the Left bleated about how they feared protests and riots by angry Donald Trump supporters if and when he lost the election, yet it is the leftists themselves destroying property and blocking roads. Everyone can see where the hate is coming from. Everyone.”

MILO continued. “It is sort of like how they are claiming the election was rigged right after they said that was impossible. Democrats, the difference between social media and real life is you cannot just delete what you said and pretend it never happened.  You’re hypocrites — and these riots and recount demands expose you.”

“The protesters themselves will have good jobs available if they choose to go straight. Otherwise they will be dealing with men like Sheriff David Clarke and Sheriff Joe Arpiao.  Good luck, guys. My money is on the sheriffs. To give you a flavour of how utterly miserable the Left is about all this, we are now in a post-election period in which leftists are faking hate crimes in an effort to paint Trump supporters negatively.” said MILO.

Referencing an event from a few weeks ago MILO said: “A Muslim woman at the University of Louisiana claimed Trump supporters attacked her. It didn’t happen. A gay man from Canada named Chris Ball says he was also attacked, and posted graphic pictures with a bloody face as proof. It also didn’t happen, according to the police. Do you have any idea how poor your hate crime hoax story has to be for the increasingly partisan to say it’s untrue?”

“These hoax crimes remind me of Rolling Stone.” said MILO referencing Emma ‘Mattress Girl’ Sulkowicz,  “They set out to report on the rape culture of American campuses, but when they couldn’t find any examples, they just made shit up. As usual, I am ahead of the curve. I wrote a long time ago about the growing epidemic of fake hate crimes that has sprung up over the past 10 years — and opened the last leg of my Dangerous Faggot tour by asking why lesbians commit so many of them.”

MILO continued. “Hoaxers are only harming their own cause. While many are likely to avoid immediate punishment for making up stories in place of actual hate crimes by Trump supporters — which don’t exist — what the Trump presidency means for these imaginative fools is a wonderfully incriminating social media trail for potential employers.”

“Media cycles end, but the Internet never forgets. This is a valuable lesson especially for college students. Many of  the hoaxers come from campus, and they are ruining their future. The two liberals at Northwestern who defaced the interfaith chapel with spraypaint aren’t likely to find a job unless it is for George Soros, or maybe a pizza restaurant in Washington DC.”

Written from prepared remarks. 

Watch the full event below.