MILO: ‘The Patriarchy? Oh, You Mean Western Civilization’


In his talk at Ohio University on defining the patriarchy, MILO said that the patriarchy is syonymous with western civilization.

“The patriarchy, to put it simply, is Western Civilization. The patriarchy is America. They are inseparable,” he said. 

“It is the idea that people can achieve their best if they work hard, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, what color you are, or are a man or woman. And yes because it is rooted in science and reality, the patriarchy believes there are only two genders,” he continued. 

MILO also made the claim that the patriarchy has produced many of the positive things about America and Western Civilization in general.

The patriarchy has resulted in everything important in America, including this college campus,” he added. 

He also pointed that in many ways men suffer more than women as a result of a patriarchal society.

Men are the casualties of war, the vast majority of suicides, and practically everyone killed on the job.”

“Yes, that’s right, there’s actually a death gap, and it massively favors women. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that men make up 92 percent – 92 percent! – of workplace deaths. That’s real gender inequality.”

Written from prepared remarks. 

Watch MILO’s full talk below.

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