MILO Destroys Communist Protesters at UW-Milwaukee


A MILO event at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee on Tuesday night was interrupted by a small group of communist student protesters.

The students began to act out when MILO suggested that progressives don’t care about African-Americans. Six students towards the back of the auditorium began screaming towards the stage. After the student protesters stood up to address MILO, the room swelled with chants of “USA! USA!”.

MILO told those in attendance that he believed that the protesters didn’t act up until that moment in the evening because he hadn’t said anything objectionable up until that point in the evening: “Is this really the best protest you could muster? All six of you? You’ll notice it took them an enormously long time to pipe up because nothing I was saying was remotely objectionable until I addressed them and said that they don’t care about black people.”

After a few minutes of screaming, the student protesters were removed from the event’s venue by university security.