MILO Fans Resort To Craigslist To Purchase Tickets To UC Berkeley Show


Tickets to MILO events are in such high demand that fans have taken to Craigslist in an effort to purchase tickets to the Dangerous Faggot’s appearance at UC Berkeley. 

Posting to the San Francisco Bay Area section of Craigslist, a MILO fan posted that they were seeking tickets to the UC Berkeley event scheduled for February 1st. “Will pay up to $50 for one ticket to Milo Yiannopoulos lecture @ UC Berkeley. If you have a second ticket, I will buy both for $100.” the advertisement reads.


It should be noted that ID matching the ticket name is required at the door of the event and may result in people being unable to enter the venue if they have purchased tickets separately.

MILO’s event at UC Berkeley is set to be one of the Dangerous Faggot’s most contentious shows yet as tension between the UC Berkeley College Republicans and university administration has risen in recent weeks. After UC Berkeley administration hit the College Republicans with an unexpected security fee of over $6000, the College Republicans published a letter to the administration stating that, “the University is restricting BCR’s constitutional rights to free expression on campus by charging fees for unsolicited security that amount to a tax on a “controversial” speaker.”

In response to this, Berkeley administration contacted Breitbart directly, providing us with their response to the College Republicans letter. “Dear Berkeley College Republicans: “This responds to your letter to Chancellor Dirks which was sent by email to him and several other UC Berkeley administrators on January 11, 2017.” begins the letter, “The First Amendment does not immunize event sponsors from the requirement to reimburse the University for the reasonable cost of providing basic event security, so long as security fees charged are not arbitrary or content-based.”

When asked for comment on the university’s response, Troy Worden of Berkeley College Republicans stated, “The University of California, Berkeley makes a mockery of the the ideals of the Free Speech Movement by responding to the Berkeley College Republicans in so self-righteous and self-serving a letter. They belittle our efforts to work with them to provide the security they demand for our event, and then bewail the extra hours they have to put in to systematically snuff out our right to free speech. Let this much be clear: the university is imposing a comically large financial burden on our club for security that we did not request in the first place.”

MILO’s event is still currently set to take place on February 1. 

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan_ or email him at