MILO Cameraman Assaulted, Equipment Broken


MILO’s official tour cameraman was assaulted and has his equipment broken by anarchist protesters at the University of Washington tonight.

Matthew Perdie, the official cameraman for MILO’s Dangerous Faggot tour, was filming protesters outside the University of Washington when he was suddenly assaulted and his equipment thrown to the ground. Luckily, Perdie was recording the entire time meaning that we have two angles of the attack which can be seen below.

When asked for comment Perdie said, “I was filming the protesters with my 2 cameras, my AF100 and my GOPRO. The protesters were doing their usual tactics of blocking the camera and calling me a fascist when out of nowhere a fat guy wearing a red handkerchief basically charged into me from the back, attempting to push me to the ground while also hitting me in the head. He continued to try and knock me over and push me into the concrete. I bent my knees a bit and used my legs to keep myself from falling over. I then tried to get his name several times while he threatened to assault me repeatedly.”

The video shows that police make no effort to apprehend the man that Perdie identifies, and also that the attacker quickly blends in with the rest of the masked crowd. Despite the growing number of protesters outside the university, MILO still plans to take to the stage soon, watch the full event here.

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