MILO Posters Pulled Down Ahead of University of Washington Show


Posters advertising Breitbart Senior Editor MILO’s show at the University of Washington were allegedly pulled down by students who were offended by the message on them.

“You look like shit today. Cyberbullying isn’t real,” read the posters, along with details of MILO’s show and a screenshot of rapper Tyler, The Creator’s infamous tweet where he mocks the concept of “cyberbullying.”

“A fat liberal saw, screamed, and tore them all down,” claimed one of the event’s organizers, who put the posters up. “Some are still up in scattered spots, unless people take them down.”





Prior to MILO’s event at the university tonight, several counter-posters have appeared on campus, claiming the Breitbart senior editor “Will attack people of color, women, trans people, and encourages others to do the same.”

College leftists also posted flyers of the event’s main organizer, Jessica Gamble, publicly sharing both her and her father’s personal information.

On the flyers, they smeared Gamble as a “Nazi,” “racist,” and encouraged people to harass her family.

A banner in Seattle, where the University of Washington is located, also appeared to encourage protesters to “stab” MILO on inauguration day.

The banner, which was spotted by MILO fans, simply ordered, “STAB MILO, ALL OUT J20.” According to the University of Washington, the banner was taken down “very shortly” after they became aware of it.

“I’m constantly accused of ‘hate speech’ and ‘violent words’ by journalists, activists, and officials. In the U.K, the government’s ‘anti-extremism’ task force intervened to stop me speaking at my old school,” said MILO in a statement. “If my detractors are really so concerned about words that inspire hate and violence, it’s clear that they ought to be turning their spotlights on loony-left professors and gender studies departments first. That’s where the thugs who beat up Trump supporters and throw around threats of violence are coming from.”

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