MILO Welcomes Vice-President Pence With Jumper Cables, Promises To Try Gay Conversion Therapy


MILO has welcomed the inauguration of vice-president Mike Pence by promising to try gay “electro shock” conversion therapy, a treatment that leftists have inaccurately portrayed Pence as supporting.

Having asked who was gay in the audience, MILO said that to celebrate Mike Pence’s vice presidency “we can finally enrol for electroshock conversion therapy guilt free.”

“Free from the judgmental whining of liberals who say it doesn’t work, let’s find out. ZAP ME DADDY” he said.

The therapy has never been scientifically proven to work, although the method has previously been used by gay various conversion clinics.

MILO added that although he wasn’t sure whether the therapy would work, he would celebrate Pence’s election by “trying the therapy just as a journalistic experiment.”

“Watch this space, before you know it I could be impregnating a skinny blonde,” he continued.

Note: Vice-president Mike Pence has never advocated for the use of electro charged gay conversion therapy as a means of changing one’s sexual orientation.

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