MILO Answers Student’s Phone Call at CU Boulder, Talks to His Mom

Milo CU Boulder Phone Call

During his event at UC Boulder, tonight, Breitbart Senior Editor MILO answered a student’s phone call, briefly talking to the boy’s mother, after he forgot to set his phone to silent during the speech.

“Let me answer it, give it to me, who is it? Bring it to me. Bring it to me or leave, it’s my tour I can do what I want!” joked MILO as he walked with sass towards the young student with the phone.

“Who is it?” asked MILO, prompting the student to explain that it was his mother.

“Hello, is that Nicks mom?” MILO asked into the phone.

“Yes, it is,” the student’s mother replied.

“Your son had his phone turned on at my lecture. Now I don’t know you, I don’t want to accuse you of bad parenting but there’s a certain sort of lack of common decency,” MILO teased, before being interrupted by the woman on the phone.

“Your son would never do such a thing?” he asked. “Well he did Madam! He did! Tell us about your son, is he a student here? I’m going to give his phone back to him and I’m going to give him a spank on the bottom.”

Turning towards the student, MILO quickly added: “I won’t. Don’t worry. I’d probably get arrested, I have to check your ID before I touch you. I’ve got myself into trouble before.”

Returning to the phone conversation MILO proceeded to say goodbye to the student’s mother, concluding “thank you for talking to us. Lots of love, bye!” before handing the phone back to the student.

Milo wears tan shirt by UNCL, $55. White women’s suit jacket by Calvin Klein, $60. White jeans by Robin, $550. Limited edition Timberlands, $180. Louis Vuitton belt, $350. Silver Versace shades, $340. Chains and pearls, too much to count.