MILO Highlights the Increasing Violence of Left-Wing ‘Anti-Fascists’


Breitbart Senior Editor MILO highlighted the increasing violence of left-wing “anti-fascists” against peaceful conservatives during his talk at the University of Colorado, Boulder, tonight, citing a threat sent to attendees just before the show started.

“Strangely enough, it is the people opposed to me who are actually dangerous, ranging from violent threats against me to violent protests,” MILO declared. “For instance, just two hours ago leftists got hold of the email addresses of everyone in this room and sent this threat.

Referencing the threatening email sent out to attendees of the event, MILO displayed the email to the audience.

“I’m not sure what they’re hoping to achieve. Perhaps they are going to email you to death,” he joked. “Or send terrifying ultimatums, such as: forward this to fifteen people or you hate your grandma and you’ll have bad sex for a year.”

“Or, even worse, at midnight this will appear at the end of your bed,” pondered MILO, before displaying a picture of Caitlyn Jenner. “Of course, it’s not just keyboard warriors. Every tour stop seems to be accompanied by violence precipitated by left-wing protests. The left has given up pretending it cares about free speech or the exchange of ideas. What it does now is (a) say it’s fine to hit Nazis and (b) brand everyone right of Lena Dunham as a Nazi.”

After crediting the increase in leftist violence to the “anti-fascist” group Antifa, MILO warned: “Make no mistake: the Left will not think twice about hitting you because you have the wrong ideas. So congratulations even showing up.”

“Put it this way… No member of a SWAT team will have to learn special tactics to deal with me, unlike the Antifa communist bozos,” he concluded, before joking “Well, they might learn special tactics if they are hot young black officers, but that is a completely separate issue.”

Written from prepared remarks.

Milo wears tan shirt by UNCL, $55. White women’s suit jacket by Calvin Klein, $60. White jeans by Robin, $550. Limited edition Timberlands, $180. Louis Vuitton belt, $350. Silver Versace shades, $340. Chains and pearls, too much to count.

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