MILO: ‘Feminists are Disappearing’ So Fast That ‘Soon They Will Be Endangered’


During his show at the University of Colorado, Boulder, tonight, Breitbart Senior Editor MILO claimed that feminists are disappearing so rapidly, they’ll soon be classed as an endangered species.

“CU Boulder is an important university for me to speak at. Your mascot is the Buffalo. A large ugly beast that is quickly disappearing from the American landscape. Just like feminists!” proclaimed MILO. “You may think I’m kidding, but feminists are disappearing. Honestly, it’s really sad you guys!”

“Just 18% of American women identify as feminist, and that number is rapidly dropping,” he concluded. “Soon they will be so endangered we really will treat them like buffaloes and keep them in zoos.”

Written from prepared remarks.

Milo wears tan shirt by UNCL, $55. White women’s suit jacket by Calvin Klein, $60. White jeans by Robin, $550. Limited edition Timberlands, $180. Louis Vuitton belt, $350. Silver Versace shades, $340. Chains and pearls, too much to count.

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