Rush Limbaugh On Berkeley Riot: ‘Stupid Leftist Protests Have No Impact’

Twitter/Rush Limbaugh
Twitter/Rush Limbaugh

Radio host Rush Limbaugh discussed the riots at UC Berkeley that shut down Breitbart Senior editor MILO’s scheduled event earlier in the week.

“You know, this Berkeley business and Milo Yiannopoulos, the editor at Breitbart, openly gay, gay conservative, challenges political correctness from college campus to college campus.” said Limbaugh, “There’s two schools of thought on what is happening. One of the schools of thought is that the students at these universities, Berkeley being the most recent, they are just so scared, so frightened of anybody showing up that is going to say anything that they don’t agree with, makes ’em really frightened. That they go bonkers, and they start burning down buildings and destroying property and trying to injure people in order to show their dissatisfaction over this guy coming to campus to make a speech.”

“The other school of thought is that this really isn’t student centered, that it is professional rent-a-mob focused bought and paid for by leftist organizations and that the real protesters are not students, that they are black-clad, wear masks or other kind of paraphernalia on their faces to hide their identity. They show up with explosives and bricks and bombs. They let the students get the so-called protest started, and then the real rioters show up and start doing all the property damage.”

“And it wouldn’t matter who was showing up, whenever the students object to anything, the professional rioters get in gear, and then they call it a protest, you know, free speech. It’s the antithesis of free speech when somebody’s not allowed to speak because the audience doesn’t want to hear it. But folks, it isn’t new. This kind of activity, people wring their hands over it, but it happened in the sixties. It happened with the Students for a Democratic Society. It happened when Reagan was governor of California. He even met with these people. It happened at Berkeley, and there was property damage. There were riots.”

“The difference then and now is only one arrest. There was serious property damage last night and a considerable threat to innocent people, and only one person was arrested. As long as that’s the case, there isn’t gonna be any deterrence to this. These people are still the losers. They lost in November; they have been losing, even through the eight years of Obama, they have been losing. The Democrat Party, which is their vessel, has been losing significantly.”

Beck continued, “And what’s on display every day, I mean, they can act like children all day long and they can destroy the — I mean, these students are destroying their school. They’re destroying and doing damage where they go to college. They’re inflicting all of this damage on themselves, in a sense. What has to be obvious to them is that it’s not making a difference. It’s not stopping Donald Trump. It’s not changing the outcome of the election, and everything they’re doing adds up to nothing, because it isn’t changing anything.”

“Yeah, they might keep Milo Yiannopoulos off campus, but it’s not stopping Donald Trump, and it’s not stopping Milo Yiannopoulos. He will just go someplace else, or say what he was gonna say on the Breitbart website. Milo probably loves it, all the notoriety, the attention. To be able to cause this kind of havoc, big feather in your cap. But at the end of the day I think what’s driving the Democrat Party and the American left crazy is that what they’re doing doesn’t matter. They lost. They really are not affecting any change, nor are they stopping any. They’re not even changing public opinion. Public opinion is still majority for Trump in what he’s doing. The Democrat Party can’t stop anybody. The Democrat Party can’t stop any of Trump’s nominees. The Democrat Party cannot stop or interrupt any of Trump’s policies. That has to dawn on ’em.”

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