MILO Is Giving Out Free Money To Fans On Venmo, And Vocativ Is Confused

Milo UCCS 3

Breitbart Senior editor MILO has been playing fairy godmother to his fans, granting them wishes via the money transfer app Venmo.

Vocativ incorrectly reports that MILO haters were using Venmo, which combines a PayPal-style payment system with a Facebook-style social media platform, to troll Breitbart’s resident gay thot. The reality of the situation is that MILO has been spreading the love amongst his many fans who have posted to MILO’s Venmo page requesting money for a multitude of items.

Fans posted to MILO’s Venmo page for multiple reasons, one fan simply asked for a cup of coffee, while another asked for money to buy a second copy of MILO’s new book DANGEROUS to give to his girlfriend,

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Another user asked for a refund of printing fees after his “liberal” professors threw out copies of one of MILO’s articles that he had printed,

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One user simply sent tear emojis to MILO who granted their payment request promptly, another asked for money for “Antifa self defense classes” to which MILO replied, “A good use of money.”

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A single user attempted to troll MILO by requesting $25 and writing “because you’re a fucking Nazi.” Sadly this technologically impaired young man accidentally sent MILO $25 rather than requesting it. He then asked for a refund.

When asked for comment on his abundant generosity, MILO said “Vocativ is confused. The only guy trying to troll me by calling me a Nazi was so stupid he paid ME $25 by mistake, then had to ask for a refund. I’m the internet’s fairy godmother in more ways than one.”