Tennessee College Free Speech Bill To Be Named After MILO


A proposed Tennessee bill to protect freedom of speech on college campuses has been named “The Milo Bill,” after Breitbart Senior Editor MILO.

The bill, which has the full name of the “Tennessee Freedom of Speech on College Campus Bill,” but will be known more informally as The Milo Bill, is set to be officially filed after around two-years of development on Thursday. A press conference will follow.

According to a source involved with the press conference, the bill would stop events from being cancelled based on “harassment” if the “harassment” could simply be defined as an opposing point of view, and will boast a variety of other features that seek to protect students who have opposing beliefs to that of their college or its administrators.

“In view of recent events concerning Milo Yiannopolous at The University of California at Berkley and elsewhere on other college campuses, it’s important for us, as a state, to step up and protect basic First Amendment rights,” said Representative Martin Daniel, who will be holding the press conference on Thursday, in a press release. “We should encourage all forms of lawful speech and expression, even if controversial or disagreeable. This is what makes America great.”

“In Tennessee, the First Amendment does not stop at the campus gate,” he continued. “We can’t allow politically correct policies to smother free speech. Courtesy and civility, while encouraged, can never trump basic constitutional rights. Tennessee’s institutions of higher education should prepare our students for the real world, and encouraging expression of all sorts of viewpoints is essential to that objective.”

MILO has continuously faced problems with being able to speak freely during his Dangerous Faggot tour of college campuses across America.

Last week during MILO’s show at UC Berkeley, “anti-fascists” started several fires, smashed windows and ATMs, looted downtown stores, attacked cars, and assaulted dozens of MILO fans, male and female, who were falsely accused by left-wing rioters of being “Nazis,” successfully shutting down MILO’s show and forcing him to evacuate the college.

The day after, MILO’s tour bus was tracked down by “anti-fascists” and vandalized, forcing both him and his team to evacuate the premises after his location was leaked online.

MILO has been no-platformed, uninvited, and banned from a variety of other colleges, while he has often faced violent reactions from left-wing protesters at the talks he has been able to host.

MILO told Breitbart News that he is consulting with his security team and hopes to attend the event.

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