Comic ‘Fathom’ Satirizes MILO as ‘The Queen of Mean’


The latest issue of Michael Turner’s Fathom comic series satirizes Breitbart Senior Editor MILO along with other internet commentators.

The page from the issue was picked up by the GamerGate subreddit Kotaku In Action on Thursday night, where users quickly identified the obvious resemblances to many internet personalities.


MILO is featured in the final panel as “The Queen of Mean,” writing a witty jab against the superhero on the social media site “Chirper” before he is kicked off the platform. This appears to be a reference to Milo’s permanent suspension from Twitter in July of last year.

Other commentators featured in the comic were, from the top down, Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks, Anita Sarkeesian and YouTubers Chris Ray Gun and Shoe0nHead. Some of them were quick to react on Twitter:

Blake Northcott, the writer of Fathom, responded to those pointing out the resemblances with a knowing tweet:

There may also be further mentions of MILO in issues to come, Northcott hinted:

“I had a good laugh at this comic, which makes the bold move of mocking just about everyone in equal measure,” Breitbart Senior Editor MILO said about his appearance in the book. “As for ‘Chirper,’ it appears to be an entirely fictional platform, but I nonetheless have higher hopes for its financial future than I do for Twitter’s.”

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