Bill Maher to MILO: ‘You Remind Me of a Young, Gay, Alive Christopher Hitchens’

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Breitbart Senior Editor MILO appeared on “Real Time With Bill Maher” tonight, as well as the show’s online segment, “Overtime,” where he compared The Dangerous Faggot to the late, renowned columnist and author Christopher Hitchens.

“You have the potential to morph,” said Maher, “you remind me of like a young, gay, alive Christopher Hitchens but you gotta lose that kinda shit,” said Maher referencing MILO’s earlier jabs at other guests on the show.

“What, telling them they’re stupid?” asked MILO. “They are being stupid!”

MILO had previously appeared on “Real Time” where he and Bill Maher came to a point of strong agreement on the importance of free speech, and both expressed their exasperation with the hypersensitivity of modern liberals.

Watch MILO’s appearance on Real Time at this link, and his appearance on Overtime below. 

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