8-Jun-11 World View — Gaddafi Will Stay, Dead Or Alive


This morning’s key headlines from GenerationalDynamics.com.

Libya bombing escalates, Gaddafi vows to stay, dead or alive

Tripoli after Nato air strike, June 7 (EPA)
Tripoli after Nato air strike, June 7 (EPA)

Nato raids on Tripoli were significantly escalated on Tuesday, with the heaviest bombing since the beginning of the humanitarian mission in March. Warplanes hit the city several times an hour, sending thundering sound waves across the capital. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said he was ready to unleash 250,000 to 500,000 armed Libyans to swarm across the country to cleanse it from “armed gangs,” as he calls the rebels. “We only have one choice: we will stay in our land dead or alive. We will not kneel! We will not surrender. … Whether we are martyred, killed or commit suicide, we care about our duty towards history.” Al-Jazeera

Bitter privatization battles coming in Greece

Planned privatizations by Greece (Spiegel)
Planned privatizations by Greece (Spiegel)

With Greece’s economy continuing to collapse, and northern EU neighbors balking at further bailouts, Greece has one major card to play in attempting to pay off its debts without defaulting: selling off state-owned assets, for planned receives of some 50 billion euros. However, this will lead to extremely bitter, and probably violent, political battles, as too many employees making too much money on public payrolls in “workers’ paradise” jobs are faced with salary reductions and job losses. Spiegel

World War II And Its Meaning For Americans

An interesting perspective from David Eisenhower, the grandson of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Foreign Policy Research Institute and Video


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