Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Forms Coalition That 'Will Dictate The Electoral Outcome'


Foreign Policy has this report about the coalition between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wafd Party. If history is any guide, it’s the fanatics and the most committed who end up on top with these sort of arrangements. These are the two most powerful political parties in Egypt. Not good news.

“The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s most powerful Islamist party, announced on Monday that it had formed a coalition with the liberal Wafd Party for the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections. The partnership between two of Egypt’s oldest political movements, which will run on one candidate list, will be a formidable force in the elections.

“The Brotherhood formed the Freedom and Justice Party earlier this month, after long being officially banned but tolerated under the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak. The Wafd Party traces its roots to the years following World War I, when it emerged as the leading political force opposed to the British colonial presence in Egypt.

The coalition “will dictate the electoral outcome” said Freedom and Justice Party Vice President Essam el-Erian, who encouraged other political movements to join. Erian expressed hope that the partnership represents the beginning of a broad-based alliance between many of Egypt’s most prominent political parties and leaders. The new parliament will be tasked with choosing a committee that will draft Egypt’s new constitution.”

You can read the full story here.


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