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15-Jun-11 World View — Moody's Puts France's Banks On Review Over Greece


This morning’s key headlines from

Anti-government protesters flood Yemen’s cities

Female protester with Arabic words 'The Revolution Youths' on her hands (AP)
Female protester with Arabic words ‘The Revolution Youths’ on her hands (AP)

Hundreds of thousands of Yemen protesters demonstrated in nearly every major city of the country on Tuesday, demanding trial for the family and close aides of the president Ali Abdullah Saleh. These are the largest protests since a bombing attack sent Salah to Saudi Arabia to recover. The US State Dept. is worried that the increasing unrest in Yemen could fuel connections between al-Qaida-linked militants there and al-Shabab insurgents in Somalia. AP

Saleh has reportedly developed a “throat problem,” although his overall condition is stable. The exact nature of the throat problem was not disclosed. The June 3 attack left much of his body badly burned. AP

Moody’s puts France’s banks on review over Greece

The euro crisis worsened on Tuesday, after a special meeting of euro zone finance ministers failed to make headway on the terms of the bailout of Greece: The Germans insist that Greece should have to go into some kind of default, and the ECB says that any default, by any name, would be a disaster for everyone. Now the Moody’s Investors Service is placing France’s three top banks on review for possible downgrade, because these banks have big exposure and would lose money if Greece defaulted. Reuters

Vietnam wants to rename the ‘South China Sea’

With the dispute over sovereignty of the islands in the South China Sea growing more bitter every day, Vietnam would like to propose a simple solution: Change the name of the South China Sea to the “Southeast Asia Sea.” However, the Philippines has another proposal: When people keep referring to the South China Sea, there is a subliminal message that this sea belongs to a country whose name appears in the name. We in the Philippines should call it West Philippine Sea.” Global Post

Hamas, Fatah reach deal on makeup of unity government

This is one of these strange stories where the headline says one thing, and the story says something else. Fatah and Hamas representatives say that they’ll be announcing a unity government next week, but the text of the story reveals that there’s very little agreement on the makeup of the government, especially the choice of Prime Minister. There’s also concern that the West will cut off aid to the Palestinians, depending on the people in the government. Jerusalem Post

Arab states not keeping aid promises to Palestinians

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is claiming that its having difficulty paying its employees because Arab states are not giving it the financial aid that they promised it. In 2010, he said, the PA only received $280 million of the $960 million promised by the Arabs. In 2011, which is almost half over, it has received no money at all. Israel National News


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