19-Jun-11 World View — Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood On A Charm Offensive


This morning’s key headlines from GenerationalDynamics.com.

Union members march through Athens and protest austerity measures

Communist party protesters in Athens, Saturday (AP)
Communist party protesters in Athens, Saturday (AP)

Several thousand pro-Communist union members marched through central Athens yesterday to protest the government’s latest austerity measures and plans to sell off state enterprises to appease international creditors. “People should have no illusions . . . [the government] and creditors will sit together to skin the Greek people alive,” said a Communist party official. AP

In a nationwide survey of over 1,200 Greek voters, 47.5% said they wanted parliament to reject the reform package being offered by the EU and IMF, while only 34.8% wanted to approve it. The loan package would provide 120 bill euros, but would require public sector layoffs and higher taxes. Reuters

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on a charm offensive

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is planning to contest up to 50% of the parliamentary seats in September’s elections, and is campaigning among Coptic Christians to gain supporters. The group has been trying to dispel doubts, particularly among Copts, that it is seeking to monopolise the political scene in the new Egypt and set up a purely Islamic state. “The Freedom and Justice Party has developed a platform that gives Copts the chance to be influential leaders within the party,” said Rafiq Habib, a Coptic Christian, who has become the vice-president of the new party. Gulf News

Syria’s forces storm town on border with Turkey

In a move certain to increase tensions with Turkey, Syria’s troops and gunmen loyal to president Bashar al-Assad stormed the town of Bdama on Saturday, burning houses and arresting dozens. Bdama provides food and supplies to several thousand other Syrians who have fled from the violence in their own villages. Reuters

What should a Mideast leader do to survive in office?

According to UAE-based political analyst N. Janardhan, the most important rule for a Mideast leader to survive in office is to never, never, never befriend the west. Al-Arabiya


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