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25-Jun-11 World View — Claim: Iran Is Actively Helping Syria Against Protesters


This morning’s key headlines from

Turkey is closely monitoring Syria’s military maneuvers

Syrian refugees demonstrate in a refugee camp in Turkey (Reuters)
Syrian refugees demonstrate in a refugee camp in Turkey (Reuters)

Syria and Turkey used to be friendly allies, but the mutual hostility has been growing steadily since the Syria’s army and security forces have been massacring peaceful protesters. Now that Syria’s army is on Turkey’s border, Turkey says that it is closely monitoring the situation, especially as its driving thousands of Syrian refugees into Turkey. The Syrians say that they are deeply offended and angered by Turkey’s attitude. An unnamed former Syrian intelligence official says that the troops would be pulled back from the border within a week. Hurriyet (Ankara)

Israeli claim: Iran is actively helping Syria against protesters

A senior Israeli source says that Iran is actively involved in helping Syria’s violence against protesters. According to the report, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and the Al-Quds force are operating throughout Syria. Their role is not limited to shootings; Iran has also supplied equipment to the Syrian army, including sniper rifles and communications systems for disrupting the Internet in the country. Haaretz

Turkey throws support behind recognition of Palestinian state

Turkey’s PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday that Turkey would “mobilize” support to help recognition of a Palestinian state. He also said Turkey was prepared to contribute toward Palestinian efforts to form a unity government. AP

House rebukes Obama on Libya, but won’t cut funds

With the “kinetic military action” in Libya now in its fourth month, the House of Representatives sent a mixed message by refusing to either endorse or curtail the U.S. involvement in libya. By an overwhelming margin, lawmakers refused to sanction U.S. participation in a NATO campaign of airstrikes in the North African country, a vote that amounted to a rare, bipartisan rebuke of a president’s foreign policy during an active military conflict. Minutes later, however, a Republican-led effort to try to curb financial support for U.S. involvement also failed. LA Times

China firm on track to buy stake in bankrupt Saab

Swedish Automobile, the owner of Saab Automobile, is effectively bankrupt and shut down, with funds remaining to pay salaries or continue production. However, the Chinese company Pang Da Automobile Trade Co. plans to buy a stake in Saab, allowing it to continue production. However, one analyst is quoted as saying, “There’s little chance for the deal to be approved by Chinese government given the crowded status of local auto manufacturing.” Bloomberg


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