29-Jun-11 World View — Iran Fires Test Missiles Able To Reach Israel

This morning’s key headlines from GenerationalDynamics.com.

Iran fires test missiles able to reach US and Israeli targets

Iranian revolutionary Guards personnel watch a missile launch on Tuesday. (Payvand)
Iranian revolutionary Guards personnel watch a missile launch on Tuesday. (Payvand)

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps first 14 domestically manufactured missiles on Tuesday during the second day of the first stage of Great Prophet 6 war game. The commander said that longer range missiles are not likely to be build because all of Iran’s desired targets are already in reach with its current missiles. “The range of our missiles has been designed based on American bases in the region as well as the Zionist regime.” Payvand and CS Monitor

Gaza Freedom Flotilla II may be delayed until next week

According to a leader of the Free Gaza Movement, “There have been many obstacles and complaints. Some boats are not ready and it is not clear when we will sail, although we expect it will be in the coming week. We cannot rule out the possibility that it will be pushed off until the beginning of next week.” One of the 10 flotilla ships was sabotaged by cutting the propeller shaft. “Insurance has been withdrawn, one of the ships was sabotaged and Greek authorities have not given all of the permits.” He blames the problems, including the sabotage, on the Israelis. Jerusalem Post

Kucinich claims remarks about Syria’s Assad were mis-translated

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, on a “fact-finding mission” to Syria and Lebanon this week, was quoted by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) as saying, “President al-Assad is highly loved and appreciated by the Syrians. President Bashar al-Assad cares so much about what is taking place in Syria, which is evident in his effort towards a new Syria and everybody who meets him can be certain of this.” Kucinich claims that the quote may have come from a mistranslation of what he actually said. “Given the stakes for Syria and the region, I will consider the article only an error, not a willful intent to mischaracterize my statements or my efforts in the region.” The Hill

Think tank fears war over South China Sea

From report, locations of major maritime incidents
From report, locations of major maritime incidents

Growing frictions among nations bordering the South China Sea, exacerbated by the increasing assertiveness of the Chinese military, could lead to armed confrontation and even war, a leading Australian foreign policy think tank warned yesterday. According to the report, “The sea lanes are becoming more crowded, contested and vulnerable to armed strife. Naval and air forces are being strengthened amid shifting balances of economic strategic weight. As the number and tempo of incidents increases, so does the likelihood that an episode will escalate to armed confrontation, diplomatic crisis or possibly even conflict.” Independent and Lowy Institute

Is China a communist or capitalist nation?

Zong Qinghou is the richest man in China, with $12 billion in assets. He works 14-hour days, smoking and drinking tea are his only luxuries, and he spends no more than $20 a day. Does Zong, a member of the Communist Party, see himself as more of a communist or a capitalist? His response:

“If there is anyplace in the world where socialism prevails, it’s Europe. Europe, with its high taxes and welfare states, is a dead end. People in Europe should work harder.”


Bill banning children from mosques adopted in Tajikistan

The parliament of Tajikistan is approving a controversial parental responsibility bill, which has been heavily criticized by local religious communities. The new legislation has generated controversy by explicitly barring children under the age of 18 from “participating in the activities of religious organizations,” which include mosques and other places of worship. Local analysts believe that the ban is aimed at preventing Tajik children from becoming radicalized. Presenting the bill in the parliament, Tajik Education Minister Abdujabbor Rahmonov, said: “The draft law allows children that study in religious schools to attend mosques and join religious associations. However, children studying in secular schools are prohibited from doing so before they reach the age of 18.” He also said that children will still be allowed to participate in funerals and attend mosques during official religious holidays. Jamestown

Russia still in denial about Circassian genocide as Sochi Olympics approaches

It was almost a year ago that I was the first major American blogger to write about the gathering crisis over the fact that Sochi was the site of an 1864 Russian genocide of the Circassian ethnic group in Russia’s North Caucasus. ( “30-Oct-10 News — Caucasus terrorism / politics becomes embroiled in 2014 Olympics”) Since then, the genocide issue has been getting increasing attention, and is uniting the 8.5 million Circassians in the world, of whom only about 10 percent (900,000 people) live in Russia, mostly in the North Caucasus. An estimated seven million Circassians live in Turkey, 200,000 in Syria, 130,000 in Jordan, 150,000 in EU countries, 40,000 in Iraq, 30,000 in Libya and about 30,000 in North America. However, Russian officials are avoiding dealing with the problem, and the threat to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Jamestown

Rare Billy the Kid photo sold for $2.3 million

Billy the Kid tintype
Billy the Kid tintype

The only authenticated photograph of infamous Wild West gunslinger Billy the Kid was auctioned off for $2.3 million on Saturday night. The metallic tintype image had been expected fetch only $400,000. Born Henry McCarty, but known in New Mexico as William Bonney, the Kid was shot dead at age 22 by lawman Pat Garrett in 1881, months after a jailbreak in which Bonney reportedly killed two deputies. The winning bid was from Florida billionaire William Koch one of the sons of Fred C. Koch, founder of Wichita, Kansas-based energy conglomerate Koch Industries. Reuters

NY Times: A secretive banking elite rules derivatives

I’ve never believed in almost any conspiracy theories, but a forum member called my attention to this one that may be the real thing. According to the NY Times article, a secret cartel of nine NY banks meets every month to prevent other banks from entering the derivatives industry and to influence legislation. The reason that this story is credible is that bankers are increasingly one of the most hated group in the country (the same thing happened in the 1930s), and the bankers themselves are developing a bunker mentality. The same kind of thing might be seen, for example, in Mexican drug cartels. The bank cartel probably won’t last long, and bankers will continue to be hated more and more. NY Times


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