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Rep. Kucinich Praises Syrian Dictator on Syrian Television


From the Daily Caller:

In an exclusive video obtained by The Daily Caller, [Dennis] Kucinich openly praises Assad, whose regime has reportedly killed over 1,300 demonstrators and injured many more since protests against the dictatorship began earlier this year. (Report says Kucinich praised Syrian dictator, congressman says statement ‘mischaracterized’)

“What I learned from my meeting with President Assad is that he does care about what’s happening, that he wants to respond, that he’s thinking about the different ways that would be the best way to address the needs of the people,” Kucinich said in the interview, video of which was provided to TheDC by The Middle East Media Research Institute. “And that’s what he’s talking about. He’s talking about the people. He’s very engaged in that kind of a discussion. And frankly, that’s a positive development.”

Kucinich does note that there is a democratic movement afoot in Syria, but says that the government is responding appropriately.

Full article here.


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