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Why Do Liberals Hate The 4th Of July?


Why do the liberals rage so about July 4th? They mock it as sophomoric, anachronistic, xenophobic. The holiday touches some primitive emotion within them and they explode.

Forty years ago, the most radical of them used tear gas in an attempt to break up the traditional July 4th celebration on the Washington Mall. It was 1970, as I recall, and my wife Anne, our friend Joan and I joined several hundred thousand other Americans who wanted to mark America’s birthday with appropriate Pomp, Parade, Bells, and Illuminations as John Adams put it.

Suddenly, in the midst of a marvelous show led by the perennial Bob Hope, the acrid smell of tear gas erupted in the middle of the huge crowd, which surged and swung away from the fumes.

Somebody began shouting it was the police (the canisters were later identified as non-police issue). Miraculously only a few people picked up the refrain and although dozens, including my wife and Joan, had tears in their eyes, the crowd did not panic.

They had come to celebrate the Fourth and by God they were determined to do so. The show and the celebration went on to thunderous applause and beneath amazing fireworks.

We the People are made of sterner stuff than the liberals realize. The people understand full well the enduring importance of the Declaration of Independence on which we stand today, free and prosperous and secure, like no other nation on history.


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