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Why Did the Obama Administration Break News of the Iran Plot Today?


Today’s news that the Department of Justice foiled an Iranian assassination plot against Saudi ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir raises several questions about the Obama administration’s actions regarding this event.

First, I find the timing of the release interesting, to say the least, as Eric Holder is on the hot seat for his alleged role in the ATF’s “Fast and Furious” operation to supply arms to Mexican drug cartels.

Next, the administration has known about this Iranian plot for some time. Why would they come forward with these details of the Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador on our soil without first preparing an announcement of the U.S.’s response to Iran?

As for our actions, the United States could try to get even tougher sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program through the United Nations. However, this would probably get bogged down and blocked by Russia and China.

Taking military actions is risky but a private warning for Iran to move its support out of Iraq for the Special Groups might be something concrete. I am doubtful that the Obama administration has enough courage to strike militarily at an Iranian warship in the Persian Gulf, so realistically, it would seem that the United States should attempt to get something back from Iran as restitution for this plot. If nothing is done, then the United States looks weak.


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