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Survey: More Than Half Of Afghans See NATO Troops As 'Occupiers' And Want Taliban To Share Power


File it under no good deed goes unpunished.

Having fought now for ten years to deliver Afghans from the clutches of the Taliban, now comes a survey which demonstrates that, well, the work has gone unappreciated by a majority of people in that country.

A survey conducted by Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation found that 56% of Afghans see NATO troops as an occupying force, and only 39 percent saw U.S. and allied forces as a guarantee for security. 63% favor talks with the Taliban, and 51% believe that the Taliban should share power in the country. Ironically, another 60 percent believe that when NATO forces withdraw the country will descend into civil war. The survey is based on interviews with 5,000 Afghans in five provinces in late September. The Adenauer Foundation is a highly respected German organization.

Those who continue to believe that there exists a universal yearning for democracy might want to reconsider.


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