Iranian TV Shows Images of Downed U.S. Drone, No Damage Visible


From BBC News:

Iranian TV has shown the first video footage of an advanced US drone aircraft that Tehran says it downed near the Afghan border.

The film was captioned “RQ170 – advanced US spy plane” and carried on the Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1 channel.

The images show Iranian military officials inspecting the aircraft, which appears to be undamaged.

US officials have acknowledged the loss of the unmanned “stealth” aircraft.

Pentagon officials said they were concerned about Iran possibly acquiring information about the technology.

The drone, known as a Sentinel, is the first such loss by the US.

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner says the intact condition of the Sentinel tends to support the claim by Iran that its forces electronically hijacked the plane and steered it to the ground.

The US says simply that the aircraft suffered a malfunction.

Washington has no diplomatic relations with Iran and US affairs in the country are dealt with via the Swiss embassy in Tehran.

Iranian media said the foreign ministry had summoned the Swiss envoy to to express its “strongest protest over the invasion of a US spy drone deep into its airspace”.

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