Ahmadinejad: No Christians, No Holocaust, No Problem

Ahmadinejad: No Christians, No Holocaust, No Problem

While President Obama continues to discourage Israel from striking Iran in self-defense, Iran continues to flout the opportunities this is providing: both as regards their aggression toward Christians within their own borders and aggression toward Israel. Thus, while Obama dithers, tries to persuade Israel to dither with him, and smiles like the Cheshire cat when British Prime Minister David Cameron echoes his appeasement-first approach, Iran marches on.

The Iranians have spent the last few weeks taking Christians “from their homes and work places” and putting them in jail to keep them from going to church. Among those captured were “Muslims and Christian converts [who regularly] attend church services.” In the city of Isfahan, Iranian “security forces detained both leaders and members of churches meeting in buildings, as well as some from underground house churches.” Yet Obama still can’t see how exceptional the West is in comparison to this. He’d rather trust Israel’s future to the kindness of Ahmadinejad’s good graces and let the Christians make their own way.

Speaking of Israel, it appears that Iran’s strike capability against the Jewish state may be much greater than first anticipated. This is because Iranian military experts are reportedly in the Gaza strip with weapons systems, some of which are “rocket-launching systems that were manufactured under Iranian supervision.” From there, Iran has been pressuring Islamic Jihad and “popular resistance groups” to fire rockets into Israel.

By the way, Ahmadinejad still doesn’t believe the Holocaust happened, still wants to wipe Israel off the map, and still wants a nuclear weapon. While Congressman Ron Paul may be all right with this, and Obama apparently isn’t bothered enough by it to support Israel in defending itself, the Israelis know this bad news for them.

The bottom line: Iran is anti-West to the core. And while that by itself may not reason enough to unleash our stealth fighters on the Iranians, the defense of Israel and at least a word of encouragement for the Christians in Iran doesn’t seem to be out of place.